The Top Apple Safari Internet Browsing Tips and Tricks

The Top Apple Safari Internet Browsing Tips and Tricks

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Apple’s internet browser seems to be in keeping with its jungle theme. With an OS called Mountain Lion, what else can you expect? The new version promises speed and comes with sweet options like a unified web address and search input. The intuitive software that runs the browser will throw up suggestions, even as you type, making for speedy processes. Or take you directly to the site you’re searching for, as you type.

Apple uses iCloud technology to ensure that all your Apple devices have the websites you’ve been looking at so you don’t have to go through the whole process again. Sync your devices for a seamless experience. Use Safari’s Share button to share instantly. There’s an option on the search tab that asks you if you want to Tweet, Facebook, mail or message the content. There’s better privacy, the option of reading offline and even more features for developers. And you can download YouTube videos for free. So much to do in one browser!

If you want to make the most of the Safari experience and enjoy a really fun-filled ride, here are a few(more) of our tricks and tips for better browsing.

1. Folders simplified
With Safari, all you need to do is right-click the title of the page and you’ll get a glimpse of the website’s folder. When you’re delving deep in data, this tip is a sure winner.

2. .com made speedy
Even as you type the address you’re looking for, Safari will prefix and suffix the URL and send you there. Talk about saving time!

3. Upload loads

We definitely need to discuss this. Instead of browsing through the computer till you find the picture or video you need to upload, Safari lets you do something much simpler. Use the Finder window to drag and drop the file you want onto the Browse option on Safari and upload in an instant.

4. Save last sessions
If you closed your windows in a hurry or your system shut down, Safari lets you find the information with no problem at all. All you do is use the history tab to reopen previous sessions.

5. Email options

If you can’t decide what content to send your friend because you like the entire page so much, don’t worry. Use the Command + I key and the entire page becomes an email. If you need to send a link, start a new mail and the title of the page you like will show itself in the subject and also as a URL in the content of your mail.

6. More commands
If you want to navigate between tabs with ease, Use Command+ Shift+] to go right and Command +Shift+[ to go left. Talking of tabs, if you need just the one tab open then use the Command+ Option+W or the close+ Option button to close everything but what you need. Continuing on, hold down the Next button and the Previous button to look at all the pages you saw recently.

7. Clean up Downloads

You can actually set your preferences in Safari to remove downloads that have been. Talk about being organized!

8. Bookmark plenty

Safari lets you bookmark a whole swathe of websites that you use together, where you open them all in individual tabs and then use the Add Bookmark for these Tabs option.

9. Look, no hands!

Use the Command+Option+F to pull up the text key and type, rather than use the mouse to navigate searches.

10. Widgets
Safari enables you to take any website and make it into a widget for easy reference. Use the web clip button and go to the page you like. Use Add and that becomes a new widget that updates itself.

There’s so much more to the Safari browser, so do explore!

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