Submit Your RSS Feeds To Get Quality Backlinks

Submit Your RSS Feeds To Get Quality Backlinks

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As part of my efforts to improve my website ranking, I decided to get quality backlinks for my website. Like others, I do not want to shell out my hard earned penny, so was looking for free alternatives.

Before going further, first let’s understand what is backlinks and how it impact your website ranking?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website or any web page for that matter. More backlinks your website has got, the more chances of getting better ranks in search engines. Backlinks are used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage.

In order to attract visitors, all website has web feed/RSS. RSS feeds benefit bloggers by letting them syndicate content automatically.

backlinks website Submit Your RSS Feeds To Get Quality Backlinks

In this post, I will show how you can your use your website RSS to get quality backlinks.

Here are the list of RSS directories where you can submit your feeds to get instant backlinks:

  1. Blogdigger
  2. BlogPulse
  3. Feedbite
  4. FeedRaider
  5. RSSMotron
  6. RSS Network
  7. Complete RSS
  9. RSS Locator
  10. Syndic8
  11. Rocket News
  12. Userland
  13. Postami
  14. Finance Investing Feeds
  15. Security Protection Feeds
  16. Realty Feeds
  17. Medical Feeds
  18. Religious Podcasts
  19. 2RSS
  20. NewsMob
  21. RocketInfo
  23. Memigo
  24. BulkFeeds
  25. Ping-O-Matic
  26. Yenra
  27. easyRSS
  28. NewsXS
  29. Search4RSS
  30. DeskFeeds
  31. Terrar
  32. The Feed Spot
  33. StepNewz
  34. RSS Verzeichnis
  35. 4Guys from Rolla
  36. DevASP
  37. FuzzySoftware
  38. ASP Index
  39. SourceForge
  40. Feed Directory
  41. FeedBeagle
  42. FeedPlex
  43. Feeds4All
  44. Plazoo
  45. Newzfire
  46. Shas3
  47. RSS Feeds Directory
  48. FeedCat
  49. FeedMiner
  50. RSS Clipping
  51. Read A Feed
  52. Loomia
  53. Feeds2Read
  54. Feedzie
  55. RSS Portal
  56. RSS Feed 4U
  57. StepNewz
  58. JordoMedia
  59. RSS Mad
  60. FeedBomb
  61. nFeeds
  62. Auto Feeds
  63. News Goblin
  64. Wordum
  65. FeedSee
  66. Ez2News
  67. Submit Feeds
  68. Feedooyoo
  69. Science Port
  70. FeedAge
  71. GoldenFeed
  72. RSSMicro
  73. FeedDirectory
  74. Octora RSS Feeds
  75. FeedFury

Submit to these RSS sites and let us know, how your website rank improved?

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I need to know how to create a backlink. There are several terms such as backlinks versus direct backlinks. But anyway, I need to know what places I can go to create them in. Is there any free software that makes this process less time consuming?



Im new to the SEO world. Im working on link building. I now know the bassics. How to tell if its “nofollow” or not, and not to overlink, and some nofollows are actually good (like craigst). What I do not know, is what the difference is between URL BACKLINKS and ANCHOR TEXT BACK LINKS


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