Smartphone Took a Swim? Check Out These 12 Ways to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Smartphone Took a Swim? Check Out These 12 Ways to Save a Wet Cell Phone

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Your cell phone has slid across the supermarket floor, crashed upon the concrete driveway, and experienced its fair share of bumps and bangs – but now that your smartphone has taken a dive, is all hope lost? Maybe not, but only if you act quick and follow the advice below.

What’s First?

#1: Cut the Power

Do not turn on your phone if it’s wet. Immediately take the battery out and allow it to dry separately if necessary.

#2: Save the Data

One of the benefits of using SIM cards is that it stores important info, like your contacts. You may be able to save some of your data if your phone doesn’t make it by salvaging the SIM card.

#3: Survey the Damage

Most smartphones have moisture indicators positioned somewhere beneath the battery cover and sometimes on the battery. If the strips aren’t white, your warranty may be void but you may still be able to save your waterlogged phone.

Then What?

#4: Get Rid of the Excess

If there’s visible water beneath the battery cover, get rid of it as fast as you can. A low or no-heat setting on a hairdryer, a gentle air compressor, or a small wet/dry vac should do the trick.

#5: Eliminate Contaminants

Depending on where your phone took its plunge, a quick dip in isopropyl alcohol may be in order. Alcohol evaporates quickly and will minimize the risk of corrosion to the internal parts of the phone, but may damage the glues that hold the phone together.

#6: Avoid Direct Heat

It may be tempting to find the hottest source of heat possible to dry your phone quickly, but remember that too much heat – direct sun, the microwave, etc. – can do even more damage.

Drying Options

#7: Let It Chill

A little time in the fridge may resuscitate your drenched cell phone, but don’t let it get too cold. Try 30 minute cycles with 10 minutes of warm up time in between.

#8: Keep it Warm

Keep your phone near other electronics that emit low amounts of heat, such as the television or convertor box, until it dries. It usually takes at least three days for this method to work.

#9: Light it Up

A few nights beneath the soft glow of a low wattage lamp is a safe and easy way to be sure all of the water is removed from your cell phone.

Need Something Faster?

#10: Grab the Kitty Litter

Crystallized kitty litter will do a great job at wicking excess moisture from your phone. Wrap the phone in a pair of nylon pantyhose before placing it in the litter.

#11: Soak it in Silica

If you happen to be an avid collector of the little silica packs that come in new shoes and beef jerky, they’re the best way to dry out your phone.

#12: The Best Solution

Quick and convenient are a priority when you need to save a wet cell phone. An air tight container full of rice has excellent wicking power and is usually readily available.

As smartphones continue to advance, you may not have to worry so much about water hazards that most cell phones are prone to find. Keep an eye out for phones that provide better water resistance, as well as covers that do the same.

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