Looking For Best Travel Experience In Singapore?

Looking For Best Travel Experience In Singapore?

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During my college days, I had a chance to explore Singapore and Malaysia. The only way to plan out travel at that time was to look though tour guide website or the hotel review sites like tripadvisor. Tripadvisor is good to get unbiased hotel reviews and travel advice for hotels and vacation, but it only focus on the review of visitor you are visiting their. I always felt that if you truly want to explore a place or country for that sake, take the opinion of localities who knows in and out of the place.

Recently I stumbled upon a review site or I should say a guide to Singapore www.thesmartlocal.com. This review site does not focus merely on the opinion of the tourists but also on the locals which can help prospective visitor take informed decisions about their travel plan.

TheSmartLocal provides the complete platform for best travel experience with high quality reviews, guide and articles. As of today there are 12513 reviews in total posted on the site. You can get to know the Singapore culture, visa & custom regulation, shopping tips, eating places and best the part which I love the most is duty-free shopping. All tourist can get a refund on the 7% good and service tax on your purchase.

There are plenty of tips and advises which for sure make your travel experience memorable.

If you are a prospective visitor to Singapore, don’t forget to check TheSmartLocal which can help you decide the top things to do in Singapore. And also don’t forget to check out the new attractions which is the SEA Aquarium.

If you are party people, make sure to check out the reviews on the night life in Singapore.

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