How to Stay in the Business Loop While on Vacation

How to Stay in the Business Loop While on Vacation

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Let’s face it, we all have to take some time off and have a little R&R; but for some of us, this is easier said than done. While we may decide to go a holiday or vacation every now and then, that doesn’t mean business will pause while we’re gone, and that means now more than ever you need a better grip on business, even when you’re out and on vacation, to keep the gears turning and the office in working order. One of the greatest tools to keep you “in the loop” is the tablet computer, ideally the BlackBerry PlayBook for business professionals, thanks to its innovative technology in communication and security alike.

Perhaps one of the most important elements of productivity and communication while on vacation rests upon the importance of proper connectivity. One of the greatest innovations in the last five years, making communication and connectivity a breeze from just about anywhere in the world, is the tablet computer, which can help you stay connected with employees from almost anywhere in the world. Tablets accomplish this by offering a variety of connectivity options in conjunction with powerful messaging and communication software.

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According to J.D. Power and Associates, society’s tablet owners are spending on average 7.5 hours per week on their tablets reading, browsing the Web, staying connected and so much more, giving them that freedom of connectivity wherever they are for work and play alike. J.D. Power and Associates also tracked user satisfaction, and tablets were rated with an impressive 87 percent satisfaction by users, thanks to their accessibility, ease of use and portability. With options like 3G, high-speed 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, staying connected is possible from just about anywhere with a tablet, and that’s all the more of a reason to get one. With communication technology like the PlayBook’s BlackBerry Messenger, you’re also going to be instantly in touch with your colleagues.

A reliable tablet is not only quick, connected and powerful when you need it for communication, but it is also secure for handling sensitive data. The problem with using a connected environment while on vacation is that security is not always guaranteed unless you’re using a platform that connects you to a secure environment, whether or not your source of connection is secure. BlackBerry server technology behind both the BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Enterprise Server platform are not only highly secure and safe for business, but also built into the BlackBerry PlayBook, which offers that essential balance in secure options and powerful tablet technology.

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According to a recent report by Context Information Security, the BlackBerry PlayBook is the only reliable tablet that offers a “workable” solution for a “Bring Your Own Device” workplace, which is a testament to how secure the platform truly is for all members of the workplace. Keep in mind, though, that tablets are not only about security and boring work. Tablets, according to a recent Google survey, are mainly used to play games, search the Web and send emails. A tablet offers more than just connectivity, security and business solutions. It is also a portable outlet to stay in the loop and have a little fun.

In the end, vacation is meant to be time for you – not for your business, or for the rest of the world – but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore reality while on holiday. The power of a tablet device can not only keep you “in the loop” with your office, but also keep you on a secure channel, keep you connected and even allow you to better enjoy your vacation with the games it has to offer. The tablet PC is used for more than just a convenience for business; it’s how you remain practical and efficient.

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