How Games Make You More Productive

How Games Make You More Productive

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Games take a lot of heat in today’s world and get blamed for various problems. What many people are finally starting to see is that the benefits of gaming tend to far outweigh any negative aspects noted in the past. Games can sharpen skills, generate new ideas, and increase overall productivity, among several other advantages.

Get Smarter

 How Games Make You More Productive

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In the past, experts believed that performing and repeating a task improved intelligence, but recent studies have shown that the process of learning is actually the key to increasing grey matter in the brain. Most video games are level-based, requiring the player to improve their skills to advance. This means game play is a constant learning process that keeps the brain actively engaged. The result – more grey matter and a smarter you!
Some of the best brain games are:

  • Risk
  • Word Whomp
  • Brainville

Solve Problems Better

 How Games Make You More Productive

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Playing games not only increases overall intelligence, some games can increase fluid intelligence – even in adults. Not long ago, scientists believed that fluid intelligence declines with age, making it more difficult to solve new problems and apply abstract reasoning skills. Now we know that this isn’t true. Games that need focused attention and depend on working memory skills will enhance cognitive and analytical abilities in general, regardless of your age.

Try these favorites:

  • Turbo 21
  • 52 Card Pickup
  • Who Has the Biggest Brain?

Multitask More Effectively

 How Games Make You More Productive

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Games can also train your brain to handle more processes simultaneously. Fast-paced action games require players to pay attention to several different activities in the background, while still focusing on their primary goal. In most cases, you’ll need speed and your reaction time must be even faster. This sort of gaming can do wonders for yourability to multitask and, as an added bonus, can improve hand-eye coordination as well. You’ll not only be more productive at the office, you’ll also be a better driver during the daily commute!

Play games like:

  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Poppit! Sprint
  • Chicken Invaders 3

Be a Better Team Player

 How Games Make You More Productive

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Quite a few video games and online games bring an even bigger social aspect to gaming than traditional board games. Multiplayer games may range from competitive classics like Monopoly and chess to team games such as spades and Euchre. Either type can enhance your networking abilities while also satisfying your need for social interaction. Social gaming is not just fun, it can help you work more effectively around your coworkers.
The top multiplayer games are:

  • Bridge
  • High Stakes Poker
  • Hearts

Relax and Eliminate Stress

 How Games Make You More Productive

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Taking time out to have fun and unwind is the best way to become more productive. Games can stretch your mental capacity to its limits and impart significant brain power, but playing games is also an effective way to let go of all the stress and challenges that may cloud your thinking. Fast, action-packed games aren’t the only way to improve productivity. Free solitaire card games are an excellent way to break the workday tension and redirect your focus.
Whether you want to become a better problem solver or just need to give your brain a break from the stress of everyday life, games are a fun and affordable way to improve your productivity without having to leave your desk.

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