Facebook & Twitter URL Are Now Web Crawlable With Token

Facebook & Twitter URL Are Now Web Crawlable With Token “#!”

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Few weeks back, I worked on some stuff related to AJAX and ran into issues because of dynamic AJAX content. Now a days most websites uses AJAX technology in which AJAX content get produced dynamically by the browser. Because of this dynamic nature, the AJAX content are not visible to search engines crawler and so they never appears in the search results.

If you have been using Facebook & New Twitter than recently you may have noticed a new string ‘#!’ in the URL. Earlier it was just a normal URL with fragment-like string starting with #, without the exclamation mark.

Google came up with new process, when implemented can crawl and index AJAX content.

Briefly, the solution works as follows: the crawler finds a pretty AJAX URL (that is, a URL containing a #! hash fragment). It then requests the content for this URL from your server in a slightly modified form. Your web server returns the content in the form of an HTML snapshot, which is then processed by the crawler. The search results will show the original URL.

Ajax Crawl Facebook & Twitter URL Are Now Web Crawlable With Token #!

To understand more, check this Google Code page which explain how to make AJAX application Crawlable.

The Facebook and Twitter have now adopted the scheme, which make them AJAX crawlable. This means that the web crawler can now see the content  of  app if your site supplies HTML snapshots.



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Whenever I link a Facebook account to a contact in my contact list on my HTC Desire, the number stored on the phone is overwritten by the Facebook mobile number. I’ve tried switching off Contact-Sync in the Facebook app settings, but it still happens. Is there any way to stop this happening?

Thanks in advance.


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