Check website for broken or blacklisted links with Dr. Link Check

Check website for broken or blacklisted links with Dr. Link Check

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If you are a web-master  then you must know the importance of checking your website/blog for broken and blacklisted links, so that you can remove them from time to time. Broken or Blacklisted links may cause some serious damage to your online business as well as to your reputation with customers in the Internet.

The side effects of broken/blacklisted links can be viral:

1. Have a negative impact on your website’s ranking with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live etc.

2. Broken links are considered by most of the online customer as demonstration of no respect to them from the site’s owners. This would damage your reputation online.

3. If your website has some links which are blacklisted by the search engines or the antivirus, the chances are that you are not getting any new customer, further your website would not open as they are flagged as dangerous by the antivirus.

All these mentioned issues are so serious, that they can damage your entire online business and you will it difficult to manage the losing customers.

As we say prevention is better than cure so, we should be checking website time to time for broken and blacklisted links. You do not have do this manually as Dr. Link Check will come to your rescue which is an online tool.

Dr. Link Check not only checks the validity of links, but also matches them against lists of known malicious websites.

Dr Link check Check website for broken or blacklisted links with Dr. Link Check

How to use Dr. Link Check for checking stale and blacklisted links?

Just browse to and type the website for which you want Dr. Link Check to look for broken and blacklisted URLs. The link check is limited to 1000 links but can be extended to 5000 links by paying 10$ which is valid for 60 days.

The generated report not only provide which links are stale but also which URL are referencing these links, this can be very handy when fixing these broken links.

It reported 104 broken and 0 blacklisted links for this website out of 1000 link scanned.

Dr. Link Check is a free web app that checks a website for broken or blacklisted links.

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alberto s

When someone is asking a question and they have a link, has it ever led to a bad, or nasty site? Viruses?


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